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December 8th, 2022

Metagame’s long term vision is to foster the emergence of values-based communities with religious levels of alignment.

In the pursuit of this vision, we are building tools to help individuals express their contributions to and participation in existing values-based communities in a fun way. These tools help communities broadcast their values to the broader public in a fun way, too.

Introducing: Earnable Avatars

Earnable Avatars are a new way to show who you are in your community and how you’ve contributed. Traits are mapped to contributions and participation. Llama is the first community to create an Earnable Avatar powered by Metagame.

Some details about Metagame’s Earnable Avatars:

  • An Earnable Avatar collection is limited to members of a closed community

  • An address can only hold 1 Earnable Avatar per collection

  • The base ERC-721 is address-bound

  • Each member composes their own unique Avatar by picking one trait from each layer

  • Most layers are dynamic, and the trait for that layer can be updated by the owner

  • Some layers are fixed, and the chosen trait cannot be changed once minted

  • Every combination of traits across the fixed layers is unique and may only be minted once.

  • Some traits can be used by every member. Some traits must be earned by contribution to or participation in the community, as defined by the community.

Llama’s Earnable Avatar

As an example, let’s walk through how Llama’s Earnable Avatar is set up.

The Body and Eyes layers are fixed. Every Llama that’s minted will have a unique Body + Eyes combo.**

Llama has 4 levels within their community: Traveler, Explorer, Mountaineer, and Rancher. Each higher level unlocks more Background layer options. Travelers only have 1 background option. Each level above that unlocks 2 more background options.

Over time Llama will add more traits mapped to specific contributions, like deploying a protocol upgrade or building an analytics dashboard.

The Future of Llama's Earnable Avatars
The Future of Llama's Earnable Avatars

Shreyas’s Llama:


Closed Alpha

The Earnable Avatar Studio is currently in closed alpha. We are working closely with values-based communities, in particular University Blockchain Clubs (UBCs), to help bring to life their Earnable Avatars and streamline the Studio experience. If your community would be interested in working with Metagame, please reach out to Brenner@TheMetagame.xyz.

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